Friday, February 28, 2014

Quote of the day ♥

Les Mills Bodypump

So I just got back from sporting ♥ and it's not a sport you'd think I am doing...

After playing volleyball, 7 years of dance (which I quit after learning nothing at all), 5 years of gymnastics (same story) and a lot of other tries, I tried Les Mills Bodypump.

To say it right to the point: IT'S AMAZING. It is a form of weightlifting which pushes you to your limits and forms your muscles. It makes you feel strong and boosts your confidence tremendously. And no, I am not using those tinitiny girl weights. Just bring on the ''boyweights'' for me ;). My favourite track is the abs. It sounds weird but I love the feeling of my muscles aching because I pushed them.

So guys, what sports do you do?

xoxo Malin ♥

p.s. I am sorry for not posting a lot today, I had a very busy day with school and stuff. Promise to make it up for you tomorrow!

Review: Timberlands ♥

My favourite shoes of the moment are my timberlands. I do not have these giant men-like shoes, I have a more girly shoekind. On the picture you can see look-a-likes from mine. I could show you mine, but they are not very neat anymore...

These shoes do not walk very nice when you just bought them, but over time they really get to your feet. The shoe sole is nice and thick, so you have a nice comfort under your feet. The shoeman from the village where I live, says they are really good.

You can wear them with flappy feet, thick feet, thin feet every single kind of feet you can imagine. This is because they're made from leather and have laces. Leather is very bendy but comfortable, and with laces you can really make your shoe fit around your foot.

The only con of these shoes are the price... Which is around 150 :(

But if you really, really need new and good shoes, go check 'em out!

xoxo Malin ♥

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Just something you got to know ♥

Please do not let anyone put you down :)


Filmreview: Never let me go ♥

I recently watched the movie/film Never Let Me Go,
It was the most touching film I've seen in a long time. While I am more a fan of die hard police series and tortures and boyish things, I very much loved this film.

It is about Cathy H. who lives on a boarding ''school''. But it isn't a normal school, and the children aren't normal either. They are clones, and only live to donate their vital organs to normal people. They are monitored 24/7 and are provided everything that keeps them healthy. Plus, there are stories told that if you try to leave, you'll be found tied to a tree: Naked, with your arms and feet cut off.

Cathy H. Is in love with Tommie, but her friend called Ruth is in a relationship with him. When they leave the school to go to the cottages, where they have to grow up until they can start their donations, she finds Ruth and Tommie in love together. She decides to become a ''carer''.

A few years later she finds Tommie in the hospital where he just donated one of his vital organs. They fall in love and Ruth denies Tommie and Cathy are meant to be.

Cathy and Tommie try to fight to have a few extra years together.......

It's a heartbreaking story of love. I could get into the emotions and characters very, very well. I've been crying surrounded by a lot of people. (Well, that's rare...)

I really, really hope you go and check it out! ♥

xoxo Malin ♥

My life post

So, this was my day until now :)

This morning it was Sunny and I got that real summerfeeling, while it's still winter.... I had a maths test, which was not that difficult (thank god) and I had a mentorlesson. In that lesson you're supposed to learn how to work together, things about bullying, find the subjects you want to continue and drop and so on. Now in our class, that's not needed and we spent the lesson watching youtube videos. The last two hours were just two physics lessons. I really like physics. I think it's interesting why things work as they do. We did a practical with mirrors, and we had a sort of quiz. We have this voting things on school, in which you all have a little device with the letters A,B,C,D,E,F (standing for answers), a question is asked on the board and you have to push the right button. It's really fun :)).
When I got out of school it rained very badly, so when I finally got home I was completely soaked, and didn't feel very well, now I'm feeling fine again :)

hope your day was as fun as mine ♥

xoxo Malin ♥

Review: Les soins expert plante system

Here's the good review that I promised you guys :)

It's about the: Les soins Expert plante system aknorm eau micellaire.
It might be a little difficult to say from the name, but it's a make-up remover. Not only for your eyes, but for your entire face.

This one is fore oily skin, which I find really helpful with my skin. It doesn't add more oil, so it stays nice and soft instead of oily.

It cleans absolutely perfectly. There's no make-up left and you do not have to scrub a million times before you get everything off.

It smells like a nice plant mixed with flowers, so absolutely delicious.

For the people with allergies: There's no parabens in there :).

It costs around 25$ for 500ml. Which might be a bit pricy, but since it also helps against acne and oily skin, it's more than worth the money.

xoxo Malin ♥

Review: The body shop strawberry lip balm ♥

This time a review about the strawberry lip balm from the body shop.

The packaging is just a simple plastic with a round lid and a sticker on top. Which I think is actually pretty nice.

It colours your lips in a beautiful pink, +- the same colour as the lid. I love it. And that's not everything, it moisturises your lips very well, and the creases are gone in a second. Above that it also smells delicious. It's as sweet as can be, and it makes you want to put it on. It is not sticky just like a lipgloss which makes it even better.

The cons are that it doesn't stay on your lips very long. The colour does, but the moisturising part doesn't. It stays on for around 4 hours. The colour lasts for 8 hours.

I know this wasn't the best review, that's because I am not feeling too good. Sorry.. Maybe I'll put a better review on tonight :)

xoxo Malin ♥

Film review: The Hunger Games Catching Fire

I know catching fire is out for a few months already, but why not do a review on it?
So sit back, and enjoy ♥

To be honest I did not really like the first hunger games. You could predict the end from the beginning, and in the book I just couldn't read further than a few chapters. It just did not interest me. I couldn't get into the book and I couldn't like think of it. But I have to say the special effects were definitely a-ma-zing. ♥

Catching fire was a bit of a twist on the first film. Although you know Katniss will come out alive in the end, there were a few nice plottwists. Since I love plottwists, I finally started to like the hunger games. As in the first film, the special effects were right to the point again. I couldn't tell what were effects and what actually weren't, and I think that's a very, very good thing.

Next to the film, I very much enjoyed the characters. They weren't standard like in other films, but all have a unique touch to them. Katniss might seem tough but has a big heart, Peeta knows what he's doing, although he appears not to and Miss Effie looks colder than she is. She does have a lot of feelings behind her weird hairstyle and her make-up. In the film, the characters are really shown and I really liked that personally.

The BIG con of the film was the end. It was the most open end I've ever seen. While I know there will be another film coming, they could've closed it a little more since this was just annoying to me.

Overall I really enjoyed the second hunger games ;))
Tell me what you thought/think of it ♥

xoxo Malin ♥

What's to come ♥

Hi everyone ♥

I'm off to school now, but please tell me somehow what I should do this afternoon / tonight. It might be longer since I'm off the whole afternoon, and have nothing to do anyways :)

have a nice day,
And for the Aussies, sleep well ♥

xoxo Malin ♥

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Something I regret buying: Max liquid eyeliner

This time a review that is a bit out of my zone. I do not wear liquid eyeliner as much, so this is a bit weird for me...

Tonight it's about the Max eyeliner. I don't know for sure if it was bought in Primark, but I do think so.

To be honest I am not very amused with this eyeliner. To start off: The little applier is too big, so you cannot create a precise line. It also has some hairs pointing in every direction, which causes weird stripes on your eyelids.

But if you can work across that, the eyeliner is pitchblack and stays on for the entire day. However, it is definitely not waterproof, and smudges with the slightest raindrop.

What I do like about this eyeliner is the packaging. Just nice and simple. It doesn't look very hokeypokey or childish like some eyeliners do.

Overall I would not buy this eyeliner again. I am even questioning myself if I am even going to use it again.... :/ I am sorry if you do really like this product, and if you do, please tell me why :)

xoxo Malin ♥

DIY - Make your bedroom more lovely than it already is ♥

Everyone has it: That moment where you just NEED a change in your room. Here are some cute ideas to update your room :)

1. Mix and match. Do not put too many colours in your room. It will create a very restless look, and it will never look very tidy. Instead choose for white, and decorate it with a few highlights. I chose for white with pink, green and light blue.

2. If you have an empty wall somewhere, print some pictures and hang em'! Hang them in a shape such as a heart, so it's more personal.

3. Get some fresh flowers. Flowers brighten your room instantly. They look colourful, and after all they smell delicious too. ♥

4. Candles. Nothing looks more personal than a few candles. They look cozy and give your room a nice glow. Waaay better than your big light.

5. It sounds weird but: Put on some happy music on :). Maybe it doesn't change your room, but it creates a nice place to be.

6. Do not overdo anything. Just leave it simple and clean.

Good luck decorating your room with the tips! ♥

Xoxo Malin ♥

Healthy Raspberry Smoothie ♥

Instead of a normal blogpost, I decided to do something different. I know it's still winter, but who cannot enjoy a nice raspberry smoothie? ♥ Easy, quick and very healthy ;)

Ingredients for 2 cups of deliciousness:
♥ 1 Banana
♥ 1/2 cup orange juice
♥ 1/2 cup vanilla yoghurt (preferably non/low-fat to keep it healthy)
♥ 1/2 cup frozen raspberries

All you now have to do is put it all together in a blender, et voila! There's your delicious smoothie.
Also try to replace the raspberries with blackberries / strawberries / oranges / whatever other fruit you like!

Enjoy your smoothie!

xoxo Malin ♥

Review: Catrice defining blush

This review is about a blush I've been loving lately. It's the catrice blush in the colour 070 Pinkerbell. Now, isn't that the cutest name for a blush ever? I think so.

The packaging is very modern, and I love how you can just see the colour through it and you don't have to open the blush like you have to do with sleek / mac products.

The con is that it's pretty hard to open it, and when trying to open it for the first time I got my nail in the blush, so there's a gap under the S....

The pink is just gorgeous. It's very bright in the box, and I've never seen anything that beautiful.

The colour shows perfect on your skin, and it looks very natural. It's like you've been outside on a cold day, and the sun made your cheeks a bit rosey. I love it.
There's no problem in layering it with other powder nor putting it on your foundation or concealer. Another pro is that it doesn't feel ''dry'', like some other powders do, and it stays on the entire day. So no retouching needed ;)

It was around 4$ which I think is very cheap for such a good blush.

xoxo Malin ♥

Review: Clarins Lotus Face treatment oil.

Since I want to share the things that work really well on my skin, I just wrote a new review ♥

This time it's about the Clarins lotus face treatment oil. It is the best smelling oil I ever had! It smells like the best in the world. If I could buy this smell as a perfume, I would by it asap.

The packaging is very nice as well, the bigger bottle I have has a big white lid with a golden stripe. I'm sorry I photographed the very small bottle, but my camera reflected from the bigger bottle when I tried to photograph it and that looked kind of odd.

I use it every night before I go to bed. It does make your skin very shiny, but since you're going to sleep, no one will see you anyways :). It feeds and moistures your skin very well, and because it's an oil, your skin stops making oil itself and so your pimples will disappear in time. After 2 weeks I already saw a huge difference in my skin, and it felt much healthier to. Soft and nice.

The downside of this product is the price.. I bought it for $47... I know how much that is, and I did not like to spend it on a oil either, but you only use literally 2 drops a day so it will last you for more than a year.

Overall I'd tell all of you to buy it ♥

xoxo Malin ♥

To come ♥

Hi Y'all beautiful people,

Yesterday I asked you what to blog about today, and the most common request I got was a make-up review, an outfit of the day or another beautyproduct review.
I decided to do the 2 reviews for sure, and if I have some time left I will post the ootd as well.

I'm off to school!

xoxo Malin ♥

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

What shall I do?

Hi you all beatiful people ♥

I just had a question to y'all:

What shall I blog about tomorrow?
Please comment or send me a message!

xoxo Malin ♥

My drawing :)

In my previous blog I told you I love to draw. So here's one of my drawings :).
I made this one a few months ago, and it took me 68 minutes. Hope you like it!
xoxo Malin ♥

Just a blog about... Me :))

I just went to my blog and realised you do not know much about me yet... So lets introduce myself.

When is my birthday?
November 20th

What's my eyecolour?
My eyecolour is brownish green ;)

Right now I'm a bit darkish blonde. My skin used to get darker than my hair in the summer, but my haircolour has changed and right now it doesn't anymore.

Favourite colours?
I love bright blue, pink and green.

What's my personality?
If I had to describe my own personality it would be random. I am very shy at first, but once I get comfortable around you I will turn into the weirdest person in your life... Further I'd say I'm very kind. The only bad thing about me is that I find it very hard to give in. Once I have something in my mind, it's hard to let go, which is a really crappy thing.

What's my favourite clothingbrand?
I cannot name 1 :). I really love Hollister and American eagle, but I also love more girly brands like America Today and Zara.

What are my hobbies?
I am not this girly-girl you'd expect me to be. I love karting, bodyboarding, snowboarding and surfing. I just love the speed all of these have. But as much as I love that, I also love to draw ♥

Random things about me:
1. I am an Identical twin.
2. I love hairbows.
3. I HATE peppers.
4. My favourite televisionseries is 24. (Yup, the one with Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer..)
5. I am terrified of chihuahuas, but I love German shepherds.

If you've any more questions, please ask them. ;)

xoxoxo Malin ♥

Another perfume review ♥

Hi everyone here's another perfume review. I know I did one a few hours ago, but I had another one you just had to know :).

It's the Mini Love perfume from Ulric de varens. Its smell is delicious. It's fruity, sweet and yet still a bit fresh, and stays on for the whole day. When I had this on today, I got a few compliments of how nice I smelled, and what it was. (Let's be honest; compliments are Always nice ;) ). Not only the smell is delicious, the packaging is as cute as can be. It has a transparent bottle with a normal pink lid. The perfume itself is baby pinkish, and together it just looks really sweet.

Because I got this as a present this summer, I cannot tell you how much it cost. Sorry...

Please share my blog, comment and give a reaction to my poll.

byeeee xoxo Malin ♥

Review: L'oreal paris studio line fix & shine finishing spray

Since I had nothing to do, I decided to just write another review. 'Cause: Why not?

This one's about the l'oreal Paris studio line fix and shine finishing spray. Well that is a mouth full for a bottle of hairspray. But I have to say: The name fits the spray ;).

The first thing you notice is of course the packaging. It is a very basic white, red and a bit of yellow and blue packaging. It is not very attracting, but lets just say it's all about the hairspray...

The smell of the hairspray is absolutely amazing. It smells like you just came from the hairdressers, and they've washed your hair there. Very fresh and proffesional. I LOVE IT.

It doesn't stick at all, and it doesn't make your hair very tough. Instead, it makes your hair (even) softer, while it does control all the crazy fly aways. It also makes your hair look healthy and just washed - shiny but not oily.

The price was $7.50, which I think is quite ''expensive'' for a hairspray. But it is the best hairspray I ever had, so I don't regret it in any way.

xoxo Malin ♥

Monday, February 24, 2014

Review: Clinique anti-blemish solutions foundation.

Hi everyone ♥

In this review I wanted to tell you about the clinique anti-blemish solutions foundation. So sit back, and enjoy ;)

I've been struggling with acne for quite a long time now. It made me feel very insecure, and in my eyes it looks horrible. I literally tried EVERYTHING, but nothing covered well enough in my eyes. Until I found this foundation. I tried it, bought it (for only 25$), and didn't let it go ever since. I have it in the colour 02: Fresh Ivory.

The foundation feels light on your skin and blends easily. It doesn't give you the impression you're wearing make-up at all, but just that you have a very good skin. I also love how it does not make your skin shiny, like a lot of liquid foundations do. Instead it makes your face matt, while it does not dry your skin out either. Moreover, it stays on your face the entire day without having to put more on your face. I put it on every morning, and then I get it off in the evening. So no retouching needed during the day. It doesn't have a particular smell. If I had to describe the smell it would me something like paint. Now I know how disguisting that sounds, but it really isn't. Instead, I really like the smell.

I'd recommend this to EVERYONE with acne, or just to have a nice foundation that stays the whole day.

Bye xoxo Malin ♥

Sunday, February 23, 2014

First blog

Hi everyone,

This is my very first blog.
I'm planning to blog about everything I do, buy and what interests me at the time.
Please share my page and I'll see you later :)