Wednesday, February 26, 2014

DIY - Make your bedroom more lovely than it already is ♥

Everyone has it: That moment where you just NEED a change in your room. Here are some cute ideas to update your room :)

1. Mix and match. Do not put too many colours in your room. It will create a very restless look, and it will never look very tidy. Instead choose for white, and decorate it with a few highlights. I chose for white with pink, green and light blue.

2. If you have an empty wall somewhere, print some pictures and hang em'! Hang them in a shape such as a heart, so it's more personal.

3. Get some fresh flowers. Flowers brighten your room instantly. They look colourful, and after all they smell delicious too. ♥

4. Candles. Nothing looks more personal than a few candles. They look cozy and give your room a nice glow. Waaay better than your big light.

5. It sounds weird but: Put on some happy music on :). Maybe it doesn't change your room, but it creates a nice place to be.

6. Do not overdo anything. Just leave it simple and clean.

Good luck decorating your room with the tips! ♥

Xoxo Malin ♥

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