Thursday, February 27, 2014

Film review: The Hunger Games Catching Fire

I know catching fire is out for a few months already, but why not do a review on it?
So sit back, and enjoy ♥

To be honest I did not really like the first hunger games. You could predict the end from the beginning, and in the book I just couldn't read further than a few chapters. It just did not interest me. I couldn't get into the book and I couldn't like think of it. But I have to say the special effects were definitely a-ma-zing. ♥

Catching fire was a bit of a twist on the first film. Although you know Katniss will come out alive in the end, there were a few nice plottwists. Since I love plottwists, I finally started to like the hunger games. As in the first film, the special effects were right to the point again. I couldn't tell what were effects and what actually weren't, and I think that's a very, very good thing.

Next to the film, I very much enjoyed the characters. They weren't standard like in other films, but all have a unique touch to them. Katniss might seem tough but has a big heart, Peeta knows what he's doing, although he appears not to and Miss Effie looks colder than she is. She does have a lot of feelings behind her weird hairstyle and her make-up. In the film, the characters are really shown and I really liked that personally.

The BIG con of the film was the end. It was the most open end I've ever seen. While I know there will be another film coming, they could've closed it a little more since this was just annoying to me.

Overall I really enjoyed the second hunger games ;))
Tell me what you thought/think of it ♥

xoxo Malin ♥

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