Thursday, February 27, 2014

Filmreview: Never let me go ♥

I recently watched the movie/film Never Let Me Go,
It was the most touching film I've seen in a long time. While I am more a fan of die hard police series and tortures and boyish things, I very much loved this film.

It is about Cathy H. who lives on a boarding ''school''. But it isn't a normal school, and the children aren't normal either. They are clones, and only live to donate their vital organs to normal people. They are monitored 24/7 and are provided everything that keeps them healthy. Plus, there are stories told that if you try to leave, you'll be found tied to a tree: Naked, with your arms and feet cut off.

Cathy H. Is in love with Tommie, but her friend called Ruth is in a relationship with him. When they leave the school to go to the cottages, where they have to grow up until they can start their donations, she finds Ruth and Tommie in love together. She decides to become a ''carer''.

A few years later she finds Tommie in the hospital where he just donated one of his vital organs. They fall in love and Ruth denies Tommie and Cathy are meant to be.

Cathy and Tommie try to fight to have a few extra years together.......

It's a heartbreaking story of love. I could get into the emotions and characters very, very well. I've been crying surrounded by a lot of people. (Well, that's rare...)

I really, really hope you go and check it out! ♥

xoxo Malin ♥

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