Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Just a blog about... Me :))

I just went to my blog and realised you do not know much about me yet... So lets introduce myself.

When is my birthday?
November 20th

What's my eyecolour?
My eyecolour is brownish green ;)

Right now I'm a bit darkish blonde. My skin used to get darker than my hair in the summer, but my haircolour has changed and right now it doesn't anymore.

Favourite colours?
I love bright blue, pink and green.

What's my personality?
If I had to describe my own personality it would be random. I am very shy at first, but once I get comfortable around you I will turn into the weirdest person in your life... Further I'd say I'm very kind. The only bad thing about me is that I find it very hard to give in. Once I have something in my mind, it's hard to let go, which is a really crappy thing.

What's my favourite clothingbrand?
I cannot name 1 :). I really love Hollister and American eagle, but I also love more girly brands like America Today and Zara.

What are my hobbies?
I am not this girly-girl you'd expect me to be. I love karting, bodyboarding, snowboarding and surfing. I just love the speed all of these have. But as much as I love that, I also love to draw ♥

Random things about me:
1. I am an Identical twin.
2. I love hairbows.
3. I HATE peppers.
4. My favourite televisionseries is 24. (Yup, the one with Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer..)
5. I am terrified of chihuahuas, but I love German shepherds.

If you've any more questions, please ask them. ;)

xoxoxo Malin ♥

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