Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Review: Catrice defining blush

This review is about a blush I've been loving lately. It's the catrice blush in the colour 070 Pinkerbell. Now, isn't that the cutest name for a blush ever? I think so.

The packaging is very modern, and I love how you can just see the colour through it and you don't have to open the blush like you have to do with sleek / mac products.

The con is that it's pretty hard to open it, and when trying to open it for the first time I got my nail in the blush, so there's a gap under the S....

The pink is just gorgeous. It's very bright in the box, and I've never seen anything that beautiful.

The colour shows perfect on your skin, and it looks very natural. It's like you've been outside on a cold day, and the sun made your cheeks a bit rosey. I love it.
There's no problem in layering it with other powder nor putting it on your foundation or concealer. Another pro is that it doesn't feel ''dry'', like some other powders do, and it stays on the entire day. So no retouching needed ;)

It was around 4$ which I think is very cheap for such a good blush.

xoxo Malin ♥

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