Thursday, February 27, 2014

Review: Les soins expert plante system

Here's the good review that I promised you guys :)

It's about the: Les soins Expert plante system aknorm eau micellaire.
It might be a little difficult to say from the name, but it's a make-up remover. Not only for your eyes, but for your entire face.

This one is fore oily skin, which I find really helpful with my skin. It doesn't add more oil, so it stays nice and soft instead of oily.

It cleans absolutely perfectly. There's no make-up left and you do not have to scrub a million times before you get everything off.

It smells like a nice plant mixed with flowers, so absolutely delicious.

For the people with allergies: There's no parabens in there :).

It costs around 25$ for 500ml. Which might be a bit pricy, but since it also helps against acne and oily skin, it's more than worth the money.

xoxo Malin ♥

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