Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Review: Rituals Mei Dao Body Butter

Hi everyone!

Today I wanted to share my thoughts with you about the Mei Dao body butter from rituals, since I have been enjoying it so much lately.

The body butter comes in a 200 ml packaging, which does not seem much but is a lot. The main ingredients used are Organic white lotus and Yi Yi Ren. I looked the last one up for you since at least I did not know what it was. Well, it appeared to be some sort of seed as you can also see on the picture.

The body butter smells really nice! ♥ It has some sort of light but fresh smell, yet very sweet. It is quite solid so you do not have lotion flying around everywhere which is Always a plus. Also, it gets into your skin very fast. After 1 minute it is not sticky anymore which is something I really enjoy.

The only con I can say about it that it is a little more on the high street end since it is around $30. But I can promise you all it will be worth every single penny you put into it!

xoxoxo Malin

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