Thursday, May 14, 2015

Bath and Bodyworks Hand Sanitizer Rio Samba Sunset

Hi Loves,

Since I haven't posted anything yesterday, I decided it'd be fair to post 2 posts today. As you seemed to like the bath and bodyworks review, I have another one for you!

This one is about the Rio Samba Sunset smell which I recently bought and I am enjoying it so much now.

It is a very tropical scent which I really, really enjoy. It gives you the feeling of summer right when you get the cap of the packaging. I bought it for $1,75 and it contains 1 fl oz / 29 ml. I think this is a very fair price for this product as it works so well.
The hand sanitizer leaves your hands feel very clean and fresh, so it definetely does its job. I really enjoy using it, and I'll have to buy a new one very soon as it is running out so quickly.
The only negative thing I can say about it, is that the smell is very present. You cannot miss it, and you'll smell it from a distance of 10m, which is not bad as long as you like the smell but I had some people in my class complaining about it as they didn't like it.
Overal I really enjoy this product and I defenitely recommend it to all of you guys!


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