Sunday, May 10, 2015

DIY - 3D paper Bows

Hi everyone,

Is your room boring and have you spent all your money? Well don't worry, I have the perfect DIY for you. As you might know I am a huge bow-lover and I like to cover my room (and hair) in bows. You'll only need around 2 dollars and a craft store to buy your supplies. I bought my chevron scrapbook paper in a local craftstore, but I am sure you'll find many prints in hobby lobby, staples or even walmart.

What you'll need:
- Paper in any kind of colour or pattern that you like or that matches your room.
- A ribbon or thin piece of rope to put the bows on in the end.
- A glue gun. (Any other kind of sticky material e.g. normal glue and sticky tape will also work, but is not as steady/pretty.
- Scissors to cut your paper with.
And that's it!
- Pencil (or not)

What you need to do is:
1. Cut out the shapes in the picture, by folding a paper in half and drawing half of the shape on there, when you cut it out you will have a symmetrical shape.

2. Cut apart the two ''bow-ends'' by making a little triangle at the point they meet.

3. bend the paper of the main part of the bow to the outside and secure the ends.

4. Add the ''bow-ends''.

Voila, you have a beautiful bow that is very easy to make and can be put anywhere in your room. I put them on a small piece of rope and hung them all across, but just find out what works best for you!
Have fun!


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