Thursday, May 14, 2015

DIY: How to feel beautiful and accepted ♥

Hi Loves,

So recently there have been so many posts about people feeling like they don't belong and they aren't pretty that I have decided to act upon it.

Therefore I present you my very own DIY to feel beautiful. It costs 0.0$ and it will leave you with the best feeling you ever had.

The first thing you'll have to do is let go of all your ideas concerning beauty, but instead opt for health and care. It is so important to care for your body as you'll have to use it for 75+ more years and you cannot trade it. Don't try to hide it because that other girl is skinnier, no! You don't have to hide, nor do you have to show your body. As long as you can accept it as it is, it will bring you so much happiness. Are you skinny? Nice! Are you chubby? Nice! Are you ''normal''? Nice! As long as you are healthy it is all that matters. Health is for a part in your own hands so you need to cherish it as much as you can.

The next thing is: Stop judging. The way so many of us feel they don't belong is because we are being judged or at least we think we are, yet we go on to Judge another girl. Girls! Wake up! If you stop judging others, you feel so much more beautiful from the inside as you don't cherish wrath or have negative feelings. If you stop judging others, you'll notice how easy you'll stop judging yourself. No one should feel judged, not even you.

The last thing is that you should treat yourself with respect. Don't think you're not allowed to live, it is not that way. If anyone tells you you're a failure, turn your back to them because you do belong. If they talk behind your back, let them talk. That's where they belong: Behind you. You are worth more than them. The next time they talk all you have to do is rock it. Be even better than you was before, let the bad things they say about you build you stronger. And if it does hurt you: don't feel ashamed to cry. Everyone needs to cry sometimes. Give yourself some time: take a bath, pamper yourself.

You are worth every single bit of happiness ♥
So go on and love yourself, smile because you are you and no one can say that. ♥

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