Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Review: Bath & BodyWorks: Maui Fragrance Mist

Hi loves,

So recently I have been absolutely loving the Maui Mango Surf Fine Fragrance Mist by Bath and BodyWorks. (That's a mouthful to pronounce AND to type..)

I bought mine in the store in Tampa and it was $14,- for 8 fl oz /236 Ml. I think this is very cheap for such a fragrance, as they are usually way more expensive.

The smell is very summery: It is sweet, yet fresh and it has a very clean scent. (I'm horrible at describing scents.) You do use a bit more of the fragrance mist than of perfume, but because it is a big bottle that does not really make a difference in how long you can use it.

What I really like about the mist is that it stays on you for the entire day until you take a shower or do some heavy excersise in which you sweat a lot, so it is lasting very long. I also love how it doesn't leave this cloud of perfume when I walk by, but it is just this hint of a nice smell. Personally I hate it when people smell really intense, but it is whatever you prefer.

I really, really, really enjoy using this product and I recommend it to everyone. It is a complete bargain for what you get out of the bottle and there's nothing bad to say about it. Please consider taking a look at it at the store, it will be the best decision ever ;).

See you tomorrow,

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