Thursday, June 18, 2015

Bookreview : Girl Online by Zoe Sugg ♥

Hi loves,

Of course we all know who Zoe (Zoella) is, don't we? And of course we all know she wrote a book... It came out in oktober if I'm correct and it is called Girl Online.

I read the book a little while ago now, and I thought I'd share my opinion about it!
First of all, the names of the characters are really renewing and fresh. You don't often hear about a Penny or an Elliott in books, which I thought was really nice.
Also, the book is written in a very easy way so reading it is very easy and you go through it very fast. The topic about the book is however not as light-hearted. It is about how Penny overcomes her panic attacks with an entire romantic story about it. I wasn't very keen on the love story, but the plot twist in the end was really unexpected. Also, the ideas in the love story were very sweet but I will not make any spoilers here as that's mean.
I also loved how the book has a hard cover. These days most books are paperbacks, which I don't find very nice to read. I love to ''hold'' a book, which this book made capable because of the big, strong, hard cover!
And I know you shouldn't Judge a book by its cover, but hey, the cover is gorgeous with its fairy lights and instagram pictures!
There's only one advise I can give you: Run to the stores and buy it! You won't regret it. (Maybe your schoolwork or sleep will, but it's summer!)


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