Thursday, June 18, 2015

Film review - American Sniper

Hi loves,

So recently I have gone out to see the film American Sniper. (It is age limited >16, just so you know.)
I thought it was an extremely good film. It basically explains the life of the most lethal sniper that every existed in US history: Chris Kyle.
The film shows how he applies and goes through the training, and about his struggle with being in the army. It is not the ones he shot that make him sad, it's the ones from his own team he couldn't safe. The graphics and film making seems so close to real it is like you are in a war yourself. It is so emotional and graphical that all you can do is sit back and watch. It is an amazing film, and it is long ago that I have seen such a good film.
Now please note: Do not watch the film if you are under 16. The age limit is there for a reason, trust me. Even though you might be: ''I am not scared of scary films.'' This film is not scary, it is just a very emotionally heavy topic.
But if you are above 16 years old, please consider going there! It is not a very scary film like a horrorstory or anything, it is just reality. And that makes it so beautiful.


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