Saturday, June 20, 2015

Making money during the Summer ♥

Hi loves,

We of course all like to make money. Either to buy that one thing you really want, to go out with friends or just to save up for later. Money always comes in handy. But how can you make money in a nice way, without working all day long for almost nothing?

1. Use your talents
Everyone has a talent, and a few of these might come in very handy. Maybe you are really good at making hairbows, drawing or other crafting? Set up an Etsy shop and sell your creations! Be sure to make them affordable, this way people will purchase more and you will have something to do.
But if you're not as handy with your hands you can earn money with your other talents. If you are really good at soccer, go find a little kid you can teach for a little bit of money. You'll be busy with what you love and they will become better!
And if you are not really good at sports or crafts, you can always go out to sell lemonade or wash cars :).

2. Use what you already have, such as animals
Little kids love animals and their parents love seing their children busy with animals. If you have a small horse, give little lessons on it or organise children's party's. During summer a lot of children will celebrate their birthdays so that's where you can step in, earn money and have a good time. But please do not go out and buy a horse just for earning money, they need their time and attention. ♥

3. Babysit
During summer babysitters are a need. Parents are going to like having a day off together so just hang an advertisement at your local stores or spread flyers. Within no time you will have an adress you can babysit! Again, don't only babysit for the money. You need to have a good time with the children or you will be in trouble.

I hope these tips will make you have more fun during summer and make you earn money at the same time!
Please don't give up, you can always go to a local store and apply for a job there.


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