Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Studying tips + How to get through the last schoolweeks ♥

Hi Loves,

Now a few of you guys have already entered their summer breaks but I know a lot of you are still in school for the last few weeks. These weeks are usually completely stuffed with tests, essays and examinations so here are some tips to get through your last weeks of school!

First of all, try to relax as well as study. Studying will not work if you do not give yourself a break every now and then. It might seem to you like you are wasting time, but you are not. You deserve some time to relax as well, you don't Always have to study so hard. ♥ Try studying for 20 minutes, 10 minutes break for 5 times and then a break of half an hour - 1 hour and you'll notice you're much better off.

Second, clean up your room. I know, I know. This is not fun to do at all, but just make yourself. It will keep your workingspace clear and empty so all you have in your surroundings are your schoolbooks and your to-dolists. This makes you procrastinate a lot less and you won't get distracted by everything laying around.

Make colourful notes! Colourful notes might take a little more time to make, but they stick in your mind so much better. Just try to make it look nice and put some nice drawings in their. I just made a Chemistry summary consisting little trucks and all other kinds of weird drawings that made me understand it way better. Don't just doodle, make it worth it. Doodles will only distract you even more.

Have some drinks or food nearby, just have some healthy things. I love taking sips lemon/limewater with icecubs when I'm studying and I Always have some frozen fruits but it is completely up to you. don't take anything with a high Sugar/salt/cafeïne level because that will only slow down your learning. You want to be relaxing ASAP, so eat the nice candy afterwards! ♥

These were my tips, good luck with all the tests you still have to make guys!

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