Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Teamworking Tips ♥

Hi Loves,

We all know the feeling of doing group work. At one side you like it, but at the other side you hate it as you always know there is one person that will not do anything and lift on the group's efforts. This can be quite annoying and dissatisfying as you are trying to do your best, so here are some tips on making your work run smoothly:

1. Talk.
This might be the most important part of all: talk with your teammates. Talk about the divisions face to face. On whatsapp it might just get lost or misinterpretated so get together and divide the work. Also, talk if you can't meet a deadline. Everyone wants to hand in good work so tell the others if you can't manage! They'll be happier to help you out than to see you hand in half of what you should've done or a very bad piece.
Don't keep your talking to discussing though! Praise eachother for doing their work and keep each other motivated ;).

2. Division of tasks
If you already know 1 person is not going to do his best, discuss it with the teacher before you start. This way he/she will know about the situation and motivate the person to do what they're supposed to. Also, give the person a job to do but don't make it a very important part. If he/she fails to meet the expectations you won't have a big problem changing it.

3. Deadlines
It might work to make a deadline with your group before you have to hand in your final project in class. This way, you as a group still have some time to finish mistakes and to check if all the work is nicely done and correct. Your stresslevels will go down immensely as you will be finished while all the other groups are working very hard at the day before. It gives an immense feeling of satisfaction (trust me). Yet, be sure all the members meet the deadlines! Otherwise of course it does not make sense.

4. Trust with care
Of course you should trust your teammates at all times, but do trust with care. The people of which you least expected it might come out the worst. Check in on all the work together and discuss the progress that has been made. This way you all know what is going on, and you won't get surprised by some poorly done work.

5. Have fun, you're not going to die
Lastly, remember to have fun! A group project should not only be boring. Work on your teambuilding by having dinner at someone's house while discussing the project. Do some fun things! You might make some new friends, and maybe that one person that wasn't going to do something will be motivated by it!

Good luck with your final projects!

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