Monday, June 29, 2015

Things to do to be happy ♥

Hi loves,

I'm sorry I haven't written as much I wanted to, but I had tests for a week straight which took all of my time and energy.

Now: HOLIDAYS! Which means: Summer! (Or winter if you're in Australia)

In the frame of summer I have some things for you to do which make you feel happy every single day. All of this is free and will only cost you little time as you probably want to do fun stuff during summer ;)

1. Walk barefoot
This might be one of the most satisfying things on the planet, especially on the beach or on the grass. Just flop off your shoes and: instant happiness!

2. Give a compliment
This one is especially helpful to give someone else a very good day, and it will make you feel good too, I promise. Just giving the compliment and seeing the happiness people get from something you said is awesome. Do note: be genuine.

3. Try mindfulness
Mindfulness might not be the first thing on your mind but just try to focus on your breath for 5 minutes every morning. Sit down and just focus on your feelings. It has proven to reduce anxiety and raise your self-esteem tremendously, so give it a go. ♥

4. Drink lots of water
This one is good for everything, and you might have heard it 10000x already. It makes you healthy, reduces acne and spots, helps with weightloss, reduces anxiety and stress and prevents dehydration with all its health risks! Because your body is cared for and you are healthy you will feel very good :).

5. Don't Judge yourself
This is the hardest tip but give it a go! Try not to look into the mirror at all, other than if you need to to put on your make-up and do your hair. (or try to live without make-up, cannot do much harm either ;))

Other than these tips, just do what makes you happy! You don't have to follow any of them, but just be encouraged to be happy and feel good about yourself. That'll make life so much better and your summer will be the best one ever!

Good luck!

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