Monday, June 01, 2015

What do you when you're sick at home ♥

Hi loves,

So today I have been sick, so I stayed home. Everytime I am sick home I am home alone so I have no one to talk to or to have ''fun'' with. It makes me get very bored, because all I can really do is watch tv, read books and sleep. So here I have some tips for you that will hopefully get you through your illness a bit better :)

1. Write a book.
Grab you laptop and simply start writing. You might never want to publish it, but just the time you put in there can be great fun and is simply enough on its own. And hey, if you publish it and it becomes a hit: How cool would it be to say: I wrote this when I was sick. ♥

2. Make a video with old pictures
Again grab your laptop, and just make a simple video with all the pictures you took that last holiday. Be creative and have fun with it! It just needs to be a nice replacement of the standard ''holiday picture book''. Put some nice music at the background and make it all to your likings. This should take you some time ;)

3. Draw
Maybe you have never taken time for it, or have never even considered it: But make a drawing. There are numerous how-to draw videos on the internet, about all drawings you would ever want to make. Don't hold back try!

4. Organise your room
If you feel like moving around a bit, you might try organising your room. It makes your room look great and it makes you feel like you have achieved something. When I am ill I know I Always feel useless, so I Always do this as I never have time to do it during the week when I am active.

5. Make your own ''What to do when you're sick-list''
Trust me, when doing this you come up with many things to do! + You can help other people in your position which is Always fun!



  1. What great tips! I always get bored as well so this is really helpful! Great post! xx

  2. I was sick the other day and literally just laid in bed or on the sofa all day feeling sorry for myself haha. Great tips though! x