Monday, August 24, 2015

Back to School ♥ Tips and tricks

Hi loves,

I am so sorry for not posting in the last 6 weeks. I did not have internet that allowed me to post on my blog, so I hope you're not too mad at me for not doing so.

Anyways, Back to School is right around the corner and some of you might already have had their first day of school. I hope these tips are not too late for you guys, and you still benefit from them!

The first thing you should try is to be open to anything. Especially when you are in a new class, being open and honest is the most important thing to make friends. Do NOT act different than you normally would, as this might give you some friends you will be very unhappy with. Please try to walk up to a new person and just ask them whether they know anyone and ask them how they are feeling. In a new class, there are no group dynamics yet so you have all the power in you to make friends without trouble. Also be open to anyone coming to you as they might've waited a long time and have been very anxious to come up to you.

The next thing is to listen to your teachers and make your homework as well as you can during the first weeks of school (and try to to it the entire year). This way teachers won't be as harsh on you if you forget your homework later in the year, and they will help you when you do not understand something. It might not be your favourite thing to do, but it will be a great benefit. Do remember however to be genuine. Don't fake being nice, mean it from the bottom of your heart. Teachers are not stupid, and even though we might forget: they are humans as well.

Lastly, Study! I know it is very, very hard but please study the easy stuff as well. You will need it later on and if you don't know it yet stuff will become very hard and hectic. At the beginning of the year there are not as many projects as later on so make it a habit to study ev-e-ry-thing!

Have fun in the new school year! I will be posting throughout the year to make your life a little better, so I'll talk to you soon!


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