Monday, September 26, 2016

Review: Rimmel London Kate Sculping Kit ♥

Hi loves,

Today I'll be giving you my personal opinion on the sculpting kit by Kate. I bought the kit in the colour 001 Golden Sands for $15 in the drugstore. The packaging looks really pretty with the rose gold and transparent lid, and I was really hoping the product would look as amazing as the packaging was.

When I got home I couldn't wait to try it out, and when I finally did... I was a bit disappointed to say the least. I first swatched the 'Highlight Illuminer' and found it to be pretty chalky and almost matte. I like highlighters that ''glow'' if you get what I mean, so this just wasn't cutting it for me.
Then I tried the 'Contour Sculpter'. This one sadly didn't even show up on my skin, which is also kind of an achievement as I am usually the lightest foundation in store. But hey, this contourcolour was my skin colour! Again, it was very chalky, but I must give this one points for being matte. It would be kind of weird to have a shiny contour and a matte highlighter.
When I got to the last part, the 'Blush Colorer' I had lost my confidence completely. The thing was, the blush was actually very, very pretty. It wasn't as chalky as the first 2 were and the colour was beautiful! It gives you a very nice pink glow like you've been outside on a cold winter day and so I would recommend it more as a fall/winter blush.

Overall I would give this product a 3/10 for the great packaging and blush. However, I would just recommend to spend your money on a good blush instead of a blush with 2 unnecessary items.

hope you're having an awesome day so far!

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