Sunday, September 25, 2016

What to do when someone puts you down

Hi Loves,

A more serious post today about something I hope you'll never experience, and if you do, here's my story and some useful tips with how to respond.

Just the other day I was in class, and we had a lesson of one of my favourite teachers. We were discussing a poem and everyone had to share a 'thing' they had found in there (imagery etc.). When it was my turn, I discussed an idea I had about the poem. Well. That didn't get across too well. I interpreted one word the 'wrong' way and the teacher asked the entire class if they also thought my idea was wrong and 'too farfetched'. Now I have never heard of someone interpretating a poem in an incorrect way, but it was extremely humiliating to be in that situation and I was so glad to notice there were only 10 minutes left in that lesson. When the bell rang I quickly packed my bags and didn't even look back into the classroom.

But what can you do about it and how can you feel better about it?
1. It is important to not value the opinions and thoughts of others. Don't even give someone the power to make you feel down at all. If your entire class is against you, remember there are always people that do care about your thoughts and opinions even if they're not there with you to back you up.
2. Remember that the other person might not notice they hurt you. They could have a bad day and a short temper or they could struggle themselves. By letting their emotions go on you, they might feel better. It isn't justifiable at all, but just try to accept it and move on.
3. Talk to the person that put you down if you're in the position to do so. Sometimes it is impossible, but if you have the opportunity just talk to the person. It is the only way they'll notice how their actions affected you personally. Don't get too emotional, just casually explain the event and how you felt about it. It is very likely they'll regret it.
4. Whatever you do, don't talk back when you're emotional. Only answer when your emotions are in control. If they aren't you will be very likely to say things you are instantly going to regret, and chances are a little argument could explode into something way too big.
5. If none of these tips work? Just turn your back on the situation and never look back. It wasn't you that did anything wrong. Talk about it with someone close to you without gossiping about the other person, and let it go. Holding a grudge against someone has never done anyone any good.

I hope these tips will help you!

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