Sunday, October 16, 2016

Anxiety and stress

Hi loves,

Exams are coming up for me and I am completely stressed out. There is so much to do, but there is so little time. Horrible! Here are some ways I like to reduce stress if I am stressed out.

1. Remember stress is in no way helping you. While stress can be extremely beneficial in short term processes such as running competitions or boxing matches, it is actually very harmful for the rest of your body. The hormones released don't only target the heart and muscles, but they are very unspecific and so can end up anywhere in your body. Too much stress causes your digestion to temporarily slow down, which leads to reduced bowel movement. And.. the last thing you want while being nervous is a painful stomach! Remember to calm down every so often and really do it, you'll be grateful for it.

2. Drink some tea and listen to calm music. Don't opt for coffee as this as a lot of caffeine that raises anxiety and stress hormones, just drink some tea and listen. Focus on the words in the music and let go of all the tasks you still have in front of you.

3. Something that is really beneficial for reducing stress is cuddling with animals. Large levels of Oxytocin, or the 'cuddle hormone' are released by the brain which makes you calm and content. If you don't have a pet, ask a friend/neighbour if you can borrow their dog to go on a walk. Do make sure the pet you choose likes to cuddle, because you don't want to get bit.... Causes more stress you know?

4. Do something that you absolutely love. It can be anything; singing in the shower, going for a run, drawing, reading, just get absorbed into a thing you really enjoy to do! Chances are you will forget about all your tasks/things that are coming which make you nervous.

5. Think about ways the task/event will benefit you. Anxiety is there because you care for something and you are scared it will go wrong. By changing your mind around to the positive side, you can really help yourself reduce stress.

Don't get too anxious loves, life's to be enjoyed, not wasted by stressing,

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